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Born in Ostia Antica, Rome, Gionatan Tecle is an Eritrean Italian Cinematographer currently based in Los Angeles. His work explores the limits in which an image can evoke emotion while asserting it's sense seamlessly within the material being presented. His cerebral methods of creating an image involve exploring the content and unearthing a cinematic expression embedded within the written words.


In 2012, Gionatan completed his BFA from the University of Maryland Baltimore County undergraduate program in Cinematic Art. He then worked as a camera operator for five years with a strong passion for exploring further his interest in experimental narratives and documentaries. He later graduated from UCLA School of Theater, Film & Television in Cinematography.

His latest work, Fixed Water and World were recently chosen for Official Selection at Rotterdam International, Palm Springs, and Ann Arbor International Film Festivals. He has received several awards for artistic merit including the Motion Picture Association American Award, Myrl Schreibman Fellowship, and the Steve Lawrence and Eddie Gorme Scholarship.


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